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Our Favorite Tips for Home Buyers

Buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Below are just some of our best tips to help you buy a home with ease and finesse!

As tempting as it is to start house hunting, be sure to find how much home you can afford first. That way, you can look for homes you know you can afford. Need help with financing? Check out our financing page with our approved lenders!

It’s easy to start getting carried away with the house hunting process; it’s so much fun! But we do encourage you to ask yourself what your must-have amenities are. Have a pet that needs to run around? Make sure to put a large backyard on your list. Love to entertain guests in the kitchen? Get that kitchen island on the list too. By understanding what your must-haves are, this step alone will save you so much time.

After determining what type of home you can afford to purchase as well as your preferred style, it’s equally important to know what type of neighborhood you see yourself living in. Ask your real estate agent for more information on the nearby schools and crime rate. Choose a neighborhood you feel great about!

Being sure to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced real estate agent is key! We cannot say this enough. You will want someone who represents your best interests. Check out our amazing list of some of the BEST Washington County real estate agents HERE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to buying a house?

The first step to buying a house is getting pre-approved for a mortgage and knowing how much home you can afford. Knowing how much you can borrow will narrow down your search so no time is wasted if the home is outside of your budget. Get a pre-approval letter from any of the trusted lenders that we work with HERE!

Does buying a house take a long time?

Not necessarily. From start to finish, the entire home buying process can take anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks. Market conditions can play a large role in how fast homes are sold. In some instances, buying a home may take a little bit longer. 

What is a buyer's market?

A buyer’s market means the market is in favor of a buyer looking to purchase a home, indicating declining home prices and reduced demand. 

How many homes should I look at before buying one?

You can view as many homes as you’d like! Although we do recommend that you make a must-haves list of amenities as well as having your pre-approval letter from your lender to ensure your home hunting process is smooth. Are you ready to start searching homes? You can search homes by clicking HERE

What is Earnest Money?

Earnest money is made in good faith to showcase the interest in the home is genuine to the seller. This occurs when you make an offer on your desired home and your real estate agent will ask for a check to accompany it.

Is a home inspection necessary?

Absolutely! If you plan on financing your home with an FHA or VA loan, requesting a home inspection is required. We recommend getting a home inspection to gain peace of mind to a large investment such as buying a home.