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5 Proven Steps To Selling Your Home

Step 1
Market Overview

Utilizing strategies beyond just the Comparative Market Analysis to ensure accurate pricing is established. This is achieved through reviewing interest rates, availability of financing, overall inventory, and employing a wide range analysis of comparable markets.

Review the Big Picture and then zoom into the CMA.

home staging

Step 2
Stand Out From The Crowd

Standing out from your competition increases the perceived value of your home by making it show better, or simply different from the competition. "Standing out" is one of the most important steps you can take to attract the greatest amount of buyers to your home.

home staging

Step 3
Massive Exposure

Building on principle of standing out, massive exposure seeks to represent the differences you home offers to the largest possible pool of quaulified buyers in your market area. We tap into all of the major internet marketplaces, employ proprietary tactics in prospecting for potential buyers, and utilize professional copywritng strategies that make buyers want to see your home. In addition to our robust online marketing campaign, we also own amesteamutah.com. Southern Utah’s premiere home search site!

person using a phone and a laptop
person using a phone and a laptop
two women looking at a laptop screen

Step 4
Networking Strategies

We know the importance of social networking and have a plan that leverages the greatest amount of agents to sel your home. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Pinterest, Craigslist, YouTube, Instagram and the MLS are just a few places we target to increase the exposure for your home. In addition, we kow that 70% of homes are sold with the help of co-op agests. For this reason, we have developed a strategy that targets buyers who are already looking for homes similar to yours.

two women looking at a laptop screen

Step 5
Leveraging The Team Approach

Our team consists of full time trained professionals. Each team member has a detailed work description and daily schedule to follow. Imagine having 15 trained professionals all working together to get your home sold. This means instant responses to buyer inquiries, client questions answered immediately, and continuous marketing strategies. Every process for the listing and sale of a home has been documented and optimized to bring you the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time.

people putting their hands together
people putting their hands together

Proven Marketing Strategies

Here are just a few of the ways we ensure your home stands out from the rest and sells FAST!

Professional photography

With 90% of home buyers starting their home search on the internet, It has become more important than ever to ensure your home is professionally img-wrappergraphed. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure your home looks amazing to all potential home buyers.

Professional photograph of a house interior
Geo-Targeting and Geo-Marketing on the internet

Geo-Targeting / Geo-Marketing

Utilizing Facebook, Google, and Bing... We target market local and out-of-town buyers for your home by determining the geo-location of a website visitor. In addition, we deliver relevant content to the visitor based on his or her location, such as state, city, zip code, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria. This cutting edge method of marketing allows us to expose your home to a targeted group of potential home buyers.

Professional Prints

Utilizing professional marketing pieces that people actually like to look at! To ensure maximum exposure these ads are distributed throughout every relevant real estate marketing avenue.

people looking at a house with a For Sale advertisement by The Ames Team

Signs with Call Capture & Texting Features

No home marketing strategy would be complete without the traditional “For Sale” sign. Of course, we don’t stop there…on top of the real estate sign is a 1-800 number which provides detailed information about your home 24 hours a day. When a buyer calls the number, the caller hears a professionally recorded message. When the call takes place, our office captures the caller’s name and phone number. This call capture feature gives our sales team the opportunity to follow up and set an appointment. Since many homebuyers prefer the convenience of Texting, our team has designed a system that offers instant access to the professional img-wrappers of your home and other detailed information.

diagram of a integrated marketing campaign

Precision Marketing Solutions

We utilize a very sophisticated set of marketing databases and management systems that have been proven to pinpoint potential buyers for homes that meet your specific criteria. As a result, our time is only spent prospecting the most relevant leads. This kind of precision marketing is the pinnacle of real estate marketing solutions.

Thank You!

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