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Seller's Guide

Sell your  home with ease. Explore all of our resources below to help you make selling your home a breeze.

Seller's Checklist

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Find a Great Realtor

A great Realtor is someone that is knowledgeable about your specific market and area. It should be someone you feel comfortable working with and trust to sell your house for top dollar. Find an agent here.

Review and Consider Your Curb Appeal

Yes, buyers do and will most likely judge your home even from the outside so we suggest making sure a potential buyer’s first impression of your home is a good one and inspires them to want to buy!

Depersonalize Your Home and Space

Remove anything that may distract potential buyers such as family photos and personal items. Allow the potential buyer to imagine their family living in your home. 

Clean Up Living Areas

Let’s make those living areas shine and declutter. Do a clean sweep of all areas such as the tables, windowsills and remove any visible clutter that may turn off potential buyers.

Touch Up

Look around the house for any scuff marks. There’s no need to do a full repainting job but if there are little marks here and there, it will be worth it to fix up. 

Seller's FAQ

Should I sell before I buy another home?

We suggest you reach out to any of our approved lenders here so they can provide you with the best guidance financially. An experienced agent will be able to guide you to the best decision and ensure the best option for you.

Should I hold an open house?

Although open houses are great for drawing in buyers, however these events usually draw in prospects that are just beginning to look at homes. Work with one of our experienced agents as they will guide you in the best route for successfully selling your home.

What are the best types of improvements to focus on to help me sell my home?

We suggest you start with the basic such as fixing minor mechanical issues. Have a loose doorknob? Is a sink leaking? Put those on the list to fix. Clean everything well and clean up the yard are all great starts.

Why should I hire a real estate agent?

A real estate agent can help you sell your home for top dollar. You can trust in their experience and background as well as knowledge in your desired market to sell your home successfully. 

Ready to Sell Your Home

Additional Tips and Resources

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Maximize the Light in Your Home

Light it up! Good lighting is just one of the things that most buyers want in a home. Take down those drapes, clean those windows, update your lightbulbs and let the sunshine in!

First Impressions Count!

That’s right! We cannot stress this enough with making sure the first impression is a good one. That means your curb appeal. How is the front yard looking? The entry way? Is it cluttered or is it inviting? Make your home exterior welcoming!

Yes, the Kitchen is Important!

The kitchen is one of the top rooms that buyers assess before concluding the possibility of buying that house or not. If you can win them over from just the kitchen alone, you’re in the home stretch! The benefits of remodeling your kitchen are absolutely endless. Some kitchen remodeling projects don’t even have to be super expensive. Just choosing a modern neutral paint can do wonders to a kitchen!